Keynote Speakers

Dr. Kathrin Figl, Vienna University of Economics

Why are (process) models hard to understand? A systematic literature review
Visual process models are meant to facilitate comprehension of business processes. However, in practice, process models can be difficult to understand. In this keynote, I will give an overview of the sources of cognitive effort in comprehending process models. I will present a systematic summary of empirical and theoretical work on the factors that influence comprehension of visual process models based on my recent literature review of forty empirical studies that measure objective comprehension of process models, seven studies that measure subjective comprehension and user preferences, and thirty-two articles that discuss the factors that influence the comprehension of process models. The keynote will provide information systems researchers with an overview of the empirical state of the art of process model comprehension and provide recommendations for new research questions to be addressed and methods to be used in future experiments.

The keynote will present major results of “Figl, Kathrin (2017). Comprehension of Procedural Visual Business Process Models – A Literature Review. Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) (59) 1, pp 41–67 [open access]

Dr. Kathrin Figl
is an Assistant Professor in the Institute for Information Systems and New Media at the Vienna University of Economics (WU). She received her Doctorate (awarded with the Dr. Maria Schaumayer Award) and two Master’s degrees in Information Systems and Psychology, both with honours, from the University of Vienna. Her research focuses on human-centered development and design of information systems and she has published in journals such as the Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Information & Management, Business & Information Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, the AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction and the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies.